Hack Facebook Account | Prevent Phishing Attacks


This is the most searched and heated topic on the internet. We’ve compiled a detailed list of how hackers can hack our Facebook account and how we can prevent it.

  • Have a Facebook Cracker Tool?
  • Where can I get Facebook hacking software?
  • Have a free facebook password finder?

To my knowledge, there is no such tool, you will not find it anywhere and if you google it, you will find many websites claiming that they are providing hack tools for free, but you will not be able to complete it. Even after completing the survey, you will not get anything in the end. These things are posted only to make money. Don’t waste your precious time looking for such a hack tool.

If you really know how to hack facebook. On this tutorial explain phishing attack then please read the article below.

Some of the methods applies not only to Facebook but also to all most every website like Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter, etc.

In simply words, phishing is copying any reputed website login page in the intention of stealing sensitive data like username password, credit card details, etc. In this tutorial we are creating a Facebook Phishing page  and it looks like an original one, but URL is deferent like

Original URL : facebook.com

Phishing URL : faeebook.com

When victim visit the phishing page victim think this real Facebook and ask to provide username and password. Victim provide the info and it’s sent to attacker who create the phishing page.

Example : Rony is a programmer, he creates a Facebook login page with some scripts to enable him to get the username and password information and put it in https://www.facebouk.com/make-money-online-tricks.Rahul is a friend of Rony. Rony sent a message to Rahul “Hey Rahul” I found a way to make money online you definitely take a look on this “https://www.faeebook.com/make-money-online-easy” Rahul visit to this page and see a Facebook login page. As usual Rahul enter this login credentials. Now the login credentials is sent to Rony and Rahul redirected to make-money-online-easy page. That how Rony hack Rahul Facebook account.

Hacker can rech you in many way like email, personal messages, FB messages, Web Ads etc. Click any links these messages would redirect to Facebook login page. When you find a Facebook login page then check the url because nobody can use use Facebook original domain url.

Facebook Original Login Page

Facebook Original Login Page

Facebook Phishing Login Page

Facebook Phishing Login Page

There are many advance phishing tool available on 2020. Now days hacker can easily bypass 2 factor authentication. This article only for how to Prevent from phishing attack.

if you any query or you guys how to Create Facebook Phishing Page then feel free to comment or suggest.



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